The Scubster project started in 2009
Conception by Stephane Rousson, Designer Minh-lôc Truong 
With our team and industry partners we participated in the 11th International Submarine Race in Bethesda Naval Surface Warefare USA in 2011 and won the Innovation award for an underwater vehicle equipped scuba with a large maneuverability.

Our technological advantages: optimized maneuverability thanks to two independently rotating propellers driven by two levers coupled to dives and bars.

The Scubster is the only submarine to be able to do all the movements with only two drives.

Our objective develop and commercialize Scubster

Scubster is a formidable working tool especially for archaeological research for the ambulance, police, underwater work, coast guards and scientific

Manoeuvres du Scubster

Innovation Price

Prix Innovation ISR 2011 USA

  • From 2011 to 2015 we have developed with our partners Nemo Scubster the second version with electric drive and a range of 2 hours
  • July 2015 we carry out successfully the first dives demonstrating our technological strengths and maneuverability 
  • We Can dive up to 60 meters for qualified divers 
  • Allows discovery diving exploration divers with disabilities legs

its size: 

  • 3 meters long 
  • Weight 30 kilos empty 
  • 2 engines of 10 kilos each 
  • 2 battery packs of 15 kilos 
  • Carbon hull, 
  • Cockpit PPMA 
  • Requires one person to launch 
  • Allows security equipment transportation for exploration dive 
  • Video ,equipment and powerful dive lights  
  • Surface Navigation to reach the place of exploration

Scubster stood out worldwide to Médiatique level We are open to any proposal adventure film, advertising
Join our industrial partners and participatory already involved in the project:
We wish the industrial, financial partners, to develop an even more efficient Scubster for scientific and archaeological research, and for various diving missions.